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Technical Support

  • Are there things you don't understand about Escape 4D plug-ins?
  • Have you come across a misbehavior while using them?
  • Is there something you would like to see included in the next version?
  • Do you want to talk to someone about our products?

That's what Tech Support is here for. Send us an email and you will have our best answer as soon as possible.

What is Escape's policy for tech support?

The purpose of technical support is to assure proper operation of Escape plug-ins. Technical support is not about designing applications or correcting bugs in other software.

Technical support is free to registered developers during the first 30 days following the purchase of a Developer product. Deployment products (runtimes, engines, server expansions) do not entitle to technical support.

Support is provided by email only. We will not respond to telephone calls for support because each request needs to be studied thoroughly.

Incidents caused by reproducible bugs in the current product versions will be dealt with free of charge at any time: all workarounds or advice will be provided with our thanks.

Our support policies may change without prior notice.

I purchased Escape products from a reseller. Whom should I contact for tech support?

Technical support is provided exclusively by Escape.

Resellers have no obligation to provide technical support. At their discretion, resellers may provide first-level support or they may contact us on behalf of customers who have difficulty communicating in english.

What should I include in a complete tech support request?

Please follow these steps:

  • Describe the environment: kind of machine, exact versions of OS, 4D, QuickTime and Escape products.
  • Describe the problem: provide the sequence of actions that lead to the problem to help us reproduce your problem.
  • Run a standard diagnostic procedure: try to reproduce the problem using our demo database, as well as safer versions of 4D and QuickTime. Try never to use beta software for production purposes, and never install beta software at customers.
  • Send email in English to Escape Tech Support and allow up to 48 hours for a reply.

Regarding attachments

Please do not send large attachments unless requested by our staff. A good idea is to put all pertinent files (test databases, media files, screen shots, etc) on your ftp server and email us the location.

We only guarantee an answer if your request is sent to Escape Tech Support. Support requests sent to personal email accounts may take a long time to process, especially if the recipient is away or otherwise unavailable.

Will you charge me for tech support?

Technical support is provided free of charge in the following cases:

  • if you purchased a developer license in the last 30 calendar days
  • if you are reporting a reproducible bug in our products
  • if you are submitting suggestions or complains
  • if you have a support contract in force on the day of the request.

In all other cases the charge is 100.- euro (excl. VAT) per incident and the procedure is the following:

  • We will let you know whether your request is eligible for free support or not
  • If the incident is not eligible for free support, we will send you a form to authorize payment by Visa/Mastercard, PayPal or bank transfer.

Our intention is to maintain a high level of quality in technical support and we invite suggestions for making this procedure better.