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QPix: the professional choice

Powered by QuickTime and native platform technologies, QPix is the raster imaging plug-in of choice of 4D developers doing professional imaging and multimedia work.

First introduced in 1997, QPix is more than just features: backed by Escape's speedy and efficient technical support, it provides the quality and dependability that 4D developers require and appreciate in today's competitive business environment.

Below is a partial list of QPix's amazing features. Download the distribution package for complete examples and lots of well-written, reusable 4D code:

Import formats

Read all image formats supported by QuickTime (JPEG, GIF, TIFF, JPEG2000, PICT, PNG, Photoshop, etc). Support for multi-page PDF (native on MasOS X, with AFPL Ghostscript on Windows) is achieved through custom components developed by Escape.

Image acquisition


Acquire photos and videos from digicams (videos on MacOS X only), capture video from webcams and camcorders, or do traditional scanning using a wide range of personal or high-end document scanners with Automatic Document Feeder, Transparency and Duplex options.

QPix supports acquisition using PTP (Mac Image Capture, Windows Image Acquisition - WIA), TWAIN, Mac Image Capture Scanner, QuickTime Video Grabbing (Mac) and Windows Video (Windows).

Image transformations

Geometry: Rotate, zoom, flip, rectangular marquee (select, crop), set scroll offsets.

Filters: Brightness/contrast, sharpen, blur, RGB/HSL balance, and more.

JPEG transcoding: rotate, flip/mirror (lossless, without recompression).

Multi-page TIFF/PDF generation

Combine a series of source image files or 4D pictures into a multi-page TIFF or PDF file. Works natively on MacOS X; on Windows APFL GhostScript is required.

Multi-page TIFF/PDF generation turns scanned pages into electronic documents that can be stored, distributed and visualized within the 4D application, using a QPix area as document viewer.


Read TIFF, Exif, GPS, IPTC, and QuickTime metadata tags.


General info: height, width, color depth, horz/vert resolution
Frame type: page, resolution, layer, thumbnail.
Color info: color space, color profile.
Compressed picture info: codec, depth, quality.


Extract embedded thumnails from EXIF/JPEG and TIFF, or create high-quality thumbnails using bicubic interpolation.

Export formats

Export towards all file formats supported by QuickTime exporters, such as JPEG, TIFF, PNG, JPEG2000, and more.

Plug-in area features

Area style: customizable (scrollable, various fixed styles)
Codeless area setup: yes, with Advanced Properties Dialog
Widgets: area tools, zoom, multi-page navigation
Tools: pointer, hand, marquee, zoom
Drag and drop: yes, support for 4D's drag and drop
Scrolling: proportional scrollbars, live scrolling
Area menu bar: yes, with common functions