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QMedical: DICOM imaging in 4D

QMedical adds DICOM imaging to 4D databases. DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) is a standard for handling, storing, printing, and transmitting information in medical imaging. It has been widely adopted by hospitals and is making inroads in smaller applications such as software for medical practices.

QMedical implements segments of Part 10 of the DICOM standard, which pertains to off-line media. In other words, it allows 4D developers to open DICOM-compliant files, read all (standard and custom) DICOM information elements, and visualize pixel data using all applicable compression schemes. QMedical does not implement DICOM networking.

Main features

  • open DICOM image files (single and multi-frame) of any modality
  • true window/level adjustment
  • cine widget for playback of ultrasound clips, angio cine loops, etc
  • multiframe navigation widget (prev/next, frame # readout)
  • full command set for accessing DICOM non-image data
  • convert/export DICOM images to still-image formats and DICOM sequences to movies

Supported DICOM specs

  • Transfer syntaxes: Implicit VR Little Endian, Explicit VR Little Endian, Explicit VR Big Endian, RLE Lossless, JPEG Baseline (Process 1), JPEG Extended (Process 2 & 4), JPEG Lossless Non-Hierarchical (Process 14), JPEG 2000 Lossless, JPEG 2000 Image Compression, JPEG 2000 Multiple Component Lossless, JPEG 2000 Multiple Component Image Compression
  • Samples per pixel: All valid values
  • Rows and Columns: All positive values
  • Bits Allocated: All valid values (8, 10, 12, 16)
  • Bits Stored, High Bit, Pixel Representation: All allowed values
  • Planar Configuration: color-by-plane, color-by-pixel Pixel Aspect Ratio: supported
  • Palette Colors: LUT Descriptors and Data individually per color
  • Modality LUT IE: Rescale Intercept, Rescale Slope, Modality LUT Sequence
  • VOI LUT IE: Window Center, Window Width, VOI LUT Sequence