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VAT Pro: Greek companies info and more

What is it?

VAT Pro is the first mobile app that allows access* to Greek companies information, directly from the servers of the Greek Ministry of Finance using the new web service that became operational from GSIS in May 2014.

VAT Pro is only available with Greek interface and, beside being a mobile client for the new GSIS service, it also includes the functionality of Escape's VAT CheckMachine free iOS app:

  • Instantly* validates all EU VAT numbers, so that you can safely issue zero-VAT invoices to entities entitled to VAT exoneration according to EU laws.
  • Instantly calculates VAT and Net/Gross amounts for any amount you type, as you type it, and it does this for all VAT rates of all EU states!

Checked numbers can be added to History either automatically or manually, for reference and sharing with other apps or people. Auto-add is enabled through the app's Settings page.

* Depending on availability of the VIES and GSIS web services.

Whom is it for?

VAT Pro is a must-have utility for those in Greece involved with domestic and intra-EU invoicing, who will use it to validate that their counterparts are valid Greek businesses or European businesses eligible for intra-EU exemption of VAT.

How does it work?

As the user types a Greek taxation number or VAT number of any EU state, VAT Pro examines its apparent correctness ("well-formedness") on-the-fly. This step enhances usability and reduces traffic and fees.

Greek tax numbers (AFM/ΑΦΜ) are checked using the new web service of the Greek Ministry of Finance (Secretariat-General of Information Systems - GSIS), that became operational in May 2014.

European VAT numbers (from any EU state) are checked using the official web service of the European Commission's VAT Information Exchange System (VIES).

Attention: Not all correct VAT numbers are valid, therefore you must always check the validity of all VAT numbers before actually using them in invoices.