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PareToEkato: Greek Emergency Phonebook

What is it?

PareToEkato (roughly meaning "call 911") is a free, very simple app for iOS devices that provides easy access to Greek emergency phone numbers. With this app you will neither have to remember them, or bloat your address book during your Greek vacation.

Being a tool for emergencies, it's as close as an app can get to a big red button: a single screen with 12 logos to let you make that precious call quickly.

Whom is it for?

Whether you live in Greece or traveling there, make sure to download PareToEkato on your iPhone or iPad. We hope you'll never have to use it, but it costs nothing to keep it handy just in case.

How does it work?

Emergency numbers included in the app:

  • Police
  • Coast Guard
  • Tourist Police
  • Hellenic Rescue Team
  • Fire Department
  • Forest Fire Department
  • Hospitals on duty
  • Poisoning Information Center
  • Ambulance
  • International Emergency Number (112)
  • Road Assistance (customizable -- list of major Greek road assistance companies is included)
  • User's emergency number (customizable).


Kudos to Christopher Adam for the original app icon.